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The Artbook - 'Stonenexus - A Genesis’ Limited edition 'Hades' Cover. 96 Pages. A4 Format.

The Artbook - 'Stonenexus - A Genesis’ Limited edition 'Hades' Cover. 96 Pages. A4 Format.

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Jaw-droppingly brilliant!

When I wrote the foreword for ‘The Digital Art of Steve Stone’ all those years ago (is it really almost a quarter of a century ago?) I said then that in digital illustration terms seeing Steve’s work in that book convinced me that ‘the future had arrived and there was no point in resisting its digital embrace’. The work he was producing truly did stop me dead in my tracks and all hesitancy vanished.
And now with ‘Stonenexus - A Genesis’ he’s done it all over again…but even more so!

- Read the full review from legendary artist, Jim Burns, in our reviews section.


'A Genesis' is my first print artbook in 24 years and is essentially the origin story of the StoneNexuS project.

In 2018 my life started to come apart at the seams. After a series of personal catastrophes I stood at what felt like the edge of an abyss. The world seemed a very dark place. So I retreated into my art, and that art was unlike anything I had ever produced before. Without knowing it I had undertaken what Jung described as 'shadow work.' In essence - I was diving into dark, hidden parts of me that I needed to climb out of this pit that had become my life.

Art had been my career for 27 years but this work was more than a career. Now the art had become my guide, my friend, my healer and my teacher.

It's an adventure that continues and has changed me forever.

We live in a society that is obsessed with light, that tries to ban the shade. But we cannot be whole if we stand only in light.

“We shall dive down through black abysses...
and in that lair of the Deep Ones we shall dwell amidst wonder and glory forever.” H.P Lovecraft

I hope the story of my 'Genesis' will be an encouragement to others to search their own shadows, their own creativity.

Memento mori.

Steve Stone

FORMAT A4  (8.3 x 11.7 inches)

96 pages




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Customer Reviews

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Monica Mirani

I bought A Genesis for the art and the colors and in return I received a profound human experience. Allow me to elaborate: The dark color palette drew me in immediately. I find dark/darkness a comforting embrace, a soft cool pillow on a hot night if you will, not sad or depressing; but rather peaceful and alluring, like the art in this book.

Now, onto the human experience. The following pieces spoke to me loud and clear:

Space Time and Tranquility: The creature seems to be looking into the void, the dark space in its surroundings, that tranquil and zen space that only darkness can offer.

The Edge of the Abyss: Now this piece was a difficult one for me for personal reasons. So much so, I had to put the book down and away. My oldest child (4yrs old at the time) once made a drawing similar to this. It pictured how life felt while her baby sister struggled in similar ways as Oliver. I did not keep the drawing. Seeing this piece made me wish I did.
It took me days to pick the book back up again. I am very glad I did, for when I looked at that piece again, I felt as if Claudia held my hand and said “we face the fire without fear”…goosebumps. It is so very strange and fascinating how this piece took hold of me. And for that, it is going into my treasure box.

The Iron Throne: When I saw this piece I said to myself, that is me, that is who I’ve become (more likely not by choice but I’m rather proud) I’d like to think my husband and kids see me as the Iron Throne and the woman who made this piece possible, Sian.

By the time I was done with this book, I was left yearning for more of Steve’s art. I strongly believe that anyone who buys this book will not only find it beautiful beyond words but also will find a piece ( or two or more) that will speak to them as it did to me

Hi Monica,
I cannot thank you enough for the words and depth of feeling that you shared in your review. I was deeply moved by what you wrote.
I am so sorry to read that the book caused painful memories to stir but I hope that became a journey that also offered some solace. Your words suggest that was also true. I hope so.
The detail of your comments, your mention of all the family and the courage to be well, just so human was an inspiration to me.
I suspect your review alone makes that book worth doing. I will carry your words with me. And I mean that.
Thank you, bless you, and I hope we have cause to speak again.
Love from all here!

Amazing biomech art

It is really an amazing biomech art book. I really enjoyed steve’ artist story and Sci Fi movie level quality digital art.

Robert Rodriguez
Great title

I luv the book and post cards I showed some friends and they were like wow that's pretty cool.. thanks for the autograph I luv it 👍🏼👍🏼


I just got the book today and I think words are not enough to describe how much I love this book. It’s total perfection. ❤️


Today in love!!!