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The Artbook - 'The Necropolis'

The Artbook - 'The Necropolis'

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8-1/4 x 11-3/4 inches

Featuring all the works you see in this first NECROPOLIS gallery and many more! 
This third volume is a tour de force that
leads us into the very heart of a dark realm that Steve came to call -
The Necropolis.

This is a realm of Lovecraftian ruins, chambers, passageways and middens
filled with demons, devils, machine gods, diabolic angels and dark sorcery.

Steve writes about his own journey through this Necropolis, and the
personal transformations he has experienced.
He had discovered what Jung called
‘shadow work’.
This is the body of work that changed both the art and the artist forever.
'In darkness we are forged.'
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Customer Reviews

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Richard Martinez
Mind blowing art

I placed my order from the U.S and thought it probably would take a couple of weeks to receive the international order, I was pleasantly surprised it came just over a week later. The books are high quailty and very reasonably priced. You get lost in Steve's work, it pulls you in, it's magnificent and wonderfully detailed. I love that each book was hand signed, you can tell he cares about his patrons. I Will be placing more orders.

Christine /AP
The Dark Art of Steve Stone - The Necropolis

Steve’s third fabulous volume of his own personal works, is packed full of Dark and powerful imagery - inspired by the works and words of Carl Jung, Dante, and Lovecraft, it's an inspirational and evocative book of amazing imagery.


Phantasma Ghotica and Necropolis books.
Elevate Steve Stones art to the next level. Positioning him as a god for the dark fantasy art of the 21th Century.
Beauty in capital letters.

Gothic Culture Magazine (c/o Jessica Felice)
Shadows, demons, exorcism, welcome to the Necropolis

This year I approached Steve Stone about producing a logo for Gothic Culture Magazine this was not because he was “The Logo Guy “or some company known for producing logos. It was because Steve and I had talked in the past and after reading two of his books and getting a feel for his creative process, I knew that no other person could do the job. I discussed with him what I felt our logo represented and his vision and understanding of what I was trying to convey did the rest. We wound up with our incredible banshee logo. I couldn’t believe how the essence of everything that my magazine stood for was capsulated into this one image, and yet there she was, the embodiment of Gothic Culture Magazine, so when I found out Steve had done another art book, I had to get my hands on it. Needless to say I did indeed get a copy and I would like to share my thoughts with you on this diary of demons, shadows and the realm which Steve has named The Necropolis.

If you are an artist, writer, actor, musician, or the like, I think you will relate to this work with an understanding that goes well beyond a book of art. We have all faced the darkness and many times we find our most profound work within that space. The Necropolis is Steve’s personal world where he has taken his shadow work and given a home to his darkest fears, passions, and creations. In his opening dialog Steve brings up Ragnar from the Vikings series and to be honest I can relate to this as well as the idea of Ragnar’s dangling cage prior to being dropped into the darkness. His mind raced with thoughts of what he was leaving behind and yet as he faced his own mortality, he gave a speech that would set the tone for his legacy. This is Steve’s speech, presented in the form of art, that shows us his legacy and his personal journey to a hell scape that holds his inner demons and most importantly where his shadow self has complete dominion. Like Lovecraft’s vision of the old gods or Clive Barkers Hellscape of pain and pleasure Steve Stone knows this land well and takes us on a tour through this Necropolis with this book of confessions.

Each page bares an elemental side of its creator and reveals the dark architect that has given life to this land. Symbols of the cross reign supreme in this work, not because Steve is a Christian because he’s not, he’s an atheist yet the understanding of a universal belief of life, death, sacrifice, and resurrection, have been given life through the breath and belief of so many that the super unconscious is bound to pick up on this egragore of power and use it as a means to unleash that need to make similar metaphorical sacrifices in our own lives in order to be reborn and manifest into who we are meant to become. Our true selves both shadow and light, a complete being with love, fear, hope, rage, and a creative mind that makes us distinctly human.

What the Necropolis with all its beautiful Demons (Greek for informing spirit) means to me is quite simple. If the Necropolis had a sign at the edge of this dark city, I think it would say “Welcome to the human race.” And this book captures that with all its dark beauty. Each page spoke to me in a profound way that evoked both a dark desire and a calming light. It is one of the most holistic compendium pieces on dark art and the shadow self that I have ever had the privilege of reading. I can’t recommend this book enough and I urge you to check out Steve’s work if you haven’t been exposed to it already and if you have, buckle up because this is quite the journey. Enjoy your time in The Necropolis.

Victor Habbick
The Necropolis, the journey continues...

The Necropolis, the third instalment in Steve Stone's series of art books, stands as a testament to the enduring talent of an artist I have long admired. With a background that remarkably mirrors my own upbringing and experiences, Stone's work resonates deeply. In this volume, as in its predecessors, he skilfully explores the shadows that many of us navigate throughout our lives, placing women prominently as the pillars of strength in a world often dominated by men.

Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like H.R. Giger and Franz Frazetta, Steve manages to pay homage to his influences while weaving his own distinctive style into the fabric of each piece. His art is a celebration of detail, structure, and composition, providing viewers with a visual feast that captivates the imagination. Beyond being art for art's sake, there is a profound sense of an ongoing journey embedded in Steve’s creations—a journey that, as a fellow artist, I eagerly anticipate.

What sets Steve Stone apart is his ability to conjure a unique atmosphere, maintaining a consistent yet evolving style that keeps the audience engaged. The Necropolis is not merely a collection of artworks; it is an invitation to explore the uncharted territories of creativity. As a fan of his work, I eagerly look forward to the continuation of this artistic journey, hoping that Stone will continue to enchant fellow artists and fans alike.

I strongly encourage you to indulge in all the volumes of this series, as each one offers a never-ending source of creative mystery. Steve Stone's ability to conjure imaginative worlds is unparalleled, and acquiring these books ensures a perpetual delight in the wonders he continues to unveil.