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The Art Book - Mythica
Peter Cotton
MYTHICA is a magnificent fantasy art book

MYTHICA is a magnificent fantasy art book. The detail and visual connections between history and fantasy that is generated, along with the attention to detail and at times darkness, makes this a very special book indeed.'

Peter Cotton (was Art Director at Little Brown Publishers, now retired)

The Art Book - Mythica
Paul Hoke
Mythica is so much more than a work of art.

The book starts by introducing Steve’s background and early work and his journey to today. I felt his story as I too was a young man who used art and fiction books to escape my home town. I was amazed at the number of book covers that I recognized. Without realizing it, I’ve been a fan of Steve’s work much longer than I knew.
The bulk of the book is an exploration of mythology, fantasy and history. The focus of each image is fantastic and the backgrounds are equally captivating. The longer you engage with each piece, the more details pull you in. The light, reflection, textures, and smoke just enhance the depth of each image. Each image conjures stories and emotions as you view them. The historically inspired images really grabbed me. I struggle to pick a favorite image from this body of work, they are all so amazing and tell different stories. The gothic and classical architecture in the backgrounds are as fascinating as the characters and the Roman, Greek, Viking and Egyptian and other historical details really lend context and weight. I think the only way this book of art could be any better is if it came with an equally powerful soundtrack. I am thoroughly enjoying losing myself in these breathtaking scenes and the stories they tell! 5 out of 5 to be sure. 6 out of 5 if possible!!

The Art Book - Mythica
Norma Lamming
Fantastic artwork

I have just read Mythica, In the Shadow of the Gods, the new Fantasy Art book by the brilliant Steve Stone. Fantastic art work (as ever) accompanied by a fascinating insight into his introduction to all things mythical. Absolutely love it! I'll give it 6 out of 5!

The Art Book - Mythica
Terry Hooley
Steve Stone's latest treat

Steve Stones latest treat for all who love, live and breath fantasy art and the worlds that are conjured with the genre.
At the beginning Steve interestingly leads us through his early years and his pathway into art, film and digital art, showing us some of his incredible commissioned pieces before he gave himself free rein to create art for himself, from ideas deep from within his subconscious.
All of the artwork in Mythica is beautifully created with gorgeous imagery, depth, colour, perspectives and incredible imagination; all in perfect harmony to give us strange and fascinating characters in far away lands.
From the breath taking erotism and female power of "The Church the Damned", the majesty and mystery of "The Tolling of the Bell", the brutal power and energy of "Fire and Axe", contrasted beautifully with the thought provoking tranquillity of "Dragons now past". These are just a glimpse of the mind blowing titles and artwork in this book. If you like your slice of fantasy thick, tasty with double cream on top, then 'Mythica' is definitely for you!
With all of these characters, "Dark Angel" being a prime example, we want to get closer to them, even if detrimental to our own health. We are compelled by their sheer magnetism, like a moth is drawn to the flame of a candle.
Many pieces have a gladiatorial feel of ancient times and lands, 'a time of Iron', fire, Gods and mythical beings.
'Mythica' is far more than just great art; with this book Steve gives us a portal to travel to incredible places of fantasy, Myth and the technomyths of the 'Iron Gods'...all you have to do is open the cover, peer inside, then enjoy the ride!
Congratulations Steve, 'Mythica - In the Shadow of the Gods' is Incredible! You have yet again expanded the realms of the Gods! My fantasy addiction as been truly sated!!!

The Art Book - Mythica
Victor Habbick
Mythica: Fantasy art for the discerning collector

The book opens with a captivating retrospective of Stone's past commercial commissions. This insightful section showcases the breadth of his artistic journey, demonstrating how his skills have matured and coalesced over time. It's a testament to his dedication and the foundation upon which his remarkable creativity and meticulous attention to detail are built.
Following this retrospective, we enter the true heart of Mythica: the unbridled realm of Stone's imagination. Freed from commercial constraints, each piece explodes with his passion for artistic giants like H.R. Giger and Frank Frazetta. Yet, amidst these influences, Stone's distinctive style shines through, captivating the reader on every page. The imagery is hauntingly beautiful, leaving a lasting impression that lingers long after you close the book.
Mythica, like its predecessors, is a treasure trove for anyone who appreciates art that transcends mere decoration. It's a labyrinth brimming with mythological symbolism and artistic mastery, inviting you to revisit its depths again and again, each time uncovering new details and sparking your creative fire. Unlike "superficial flights of fancy," Stone's art offers a profound and enduring experience.

Step into the mind of a master artist

I came across Steve's art in Instagram and could not believe I didn't know who this master artist was and the powerful art that unfolded before my eyes. I immediately found his website and placed an order for The Necropolis and Phantasma Gothica. I love them, they now reside with the other legendary artists books where they belong. Thank you Steve.

Mind blowing art

I placed my order from the U.S and thought it probably would take a couple of weeks to receive the international order, I was pleasantly surprised it came just over a week later. The books are high quailty and very reasonably priced. You get lost in Steve's work, it pulls you in, it's magnificent and wonderfully detailed. I love that each book was hand signed, you can tell he cares about his patrons. I Will be placing more orders.

The Dark Art of Steve Stone - The Necropolis

Steve’s third fabulous volume of his own personal works, is packed full of Dark and powerful imagery - inspired by the works and words of Carl Jung, Dante, and Lovecraft, it's an inspirational and evocative book of amazing imagery.


Phantasma Ghotica and Necropolis books.
Elevate Steve Stones art to the next level. Positioning him as a god for the dark fantasy art of the 21th Century.
Beauty in capital letters.

Firequeen II
Paul Hoke
Epic and high quality

This is my second poster from StoneNexus and I love it. This is will go in my home gym right next to The Reaper to keep me moving and inspired.
First - I love Steve's art work, the detail, the textures, the subjects. His art speaks to my core.
Second - the paper quality is great. This is not a cheap poster but art work.
Third - the price is great. I love that StoneNexus makes accessible art.

Honestly, I can't wait to order another one.

Amazing work

Found Steve through Instagram and when he announced an art book I felt I had to own this and so glad I made this choice, his work only improves with the larger size. If I could make one comment it is that this is too small but all the best things come in small sizes (or so I'm told!) I am currently saving for art prints, I will not hesitate to recommend this artists work to anyone interested. Outstanding work and the care with which he (or his team) sent it out shows only care for the work and for those who support him. Buy it if you can.

The Artbook - 'The Necropolis'
Gothic Culture Magazine (c/o Jessica Felice)
Shadows, demons, exorcism, welcome to the Necropolis

This year I approached Steve Stone about producing a logo for Gothic Culture Magazine this was not because he was “The Logo Guy “or some company known for producing logos. It was because Steve and I had talked in the past and after reading two of his books and getting a feel for his creative process, I knew that no other person could do the job. I discussed with him what I felt our logo represented and his vision and understanding of what I was trying to convey did the rest. We wound up with our incredible banshee logo. I couldn’t believe how the essence of everything that my magazine stood for was capsulated into this one image, and yet there she was, the embodiment of Gothic Culture Magazine, so when I found out Steve had done another art book, I had to get my hands on it. Needless to say I did indeed get a copy and I would like to share my thoughts with you on this diary of demons, shadows and the realm which Steve has named The Necropolis.

If you are an artist, writer, actor, musician, or the like, I think you will relate to this work with an understanding that goes well beyond a book of art. We have all faced the darkness and many times we find our most profound work within that space. The Necropolis is Steve’s personal world where he has taken his shadow work and given a home to his darkest fears, passions, and creations. In his opening dialog Steve brings up Ragnar from the Vikings series and to be honest I can relate to this as well as the idea of Ragnar’s dangling cage prior to being dropped into the darkness. His mind raced with thoughts of what he was leaving behind and yet as he faced his own mortality, he gave a speech that would set the tone for his legacy. This is Steve’s speech, presented in the form of art, that shows us his legacy and his personal journey to a hell scape that holds his inner demons and most importantly where his shadow self has complete dominion. Like Lovecraft’s vision of the old gods or Clive Barkers Hellscape of pain and pleasure Steve Stone knows this land well and takes us on a tour through this Necropolis with this book of confessions.

Each page bares an elemental side of its creator and reveals the dark architect that has given life to this land. Symbols of the cross reign supreme in this work, not because Steve is a Christian because he’s not, he’s an atheist yet the understanding of a universal belief of life, death, sacrifice, and resurrection, have been given life through the breath and belief of so many that the super unconscious is bound to pick up on this egragore of power and use it as a means to unleash that need to make similar metaphorical sacrifices in our own lives in order to be reborn and manifest into who we are meant to become. Our true selves both shadow and light, a complete being with love, fear, hope, rage, and a creative mind that makes us distinctly human.

What the Necropolis with all its beautiful Demons (Greek for informing spirit) means to me is quite simple. If the Necropolis had a sign at the edge of this dark city, I think it would say “Welcome to the human race.” And this book captures that with all its dark beauty. Each page spoke to me in a profound way that evoked both a dark desire and a calming light. It is one of the most holistic compendium pieces on dark art and the shadow self that I have ever had the privilege of reading. I can’t recommend this book enough and I urge you to check out Steve’s work if you haven’t been exposed to it already and if you have, buckle up because this is quite the journey. Enjoy your time in The Necropolis.

The Necropolis, the journey continues...

The Necropolis, the third instalment in Steve Stone's series of art books, stands as a testament to the enduring talent of an artist I have long admired. With a background that remarkably mirrors my own upbringing and experiences, Stone's work resonates deeply. In this volume, as in its predecessors, he skilfully explores the shadows that many of us navigate throughout our lives, placing women prominently as the pillars of strength in a world often dominated by men.

Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like H.R. Giger and Franz Frazetta, Steve manages to pay homage to his influences while weaving his own distinctive style into the fabric of each piece. His art is a celebration of detail, structure, and composition, providing viewers with a visual feast that captivates the imagination. Beyond being art for art's sake, there is a profound sense of an ongoing journey embedded in Steve’s creations—a journey that, as a fellow artist, I eagerly anticipate.

What sets Steve Stone apart is his ability to conjure a unique atmosphere, maintaining a consistent yet evolving style that keeps the audience engaged. The Necropolis is not merely a collection of artworks; it is an invitation to explore the uncharted territories of creativity. As a fan of his work, I eagerly look forward to the continuation of this artistic journey, hoping that Stone will continue to enchant fellow artists and fans alike.

I strongly encourage you to indulge in all the volumes of this series, as each one offers a never-ending source of creative mystery. Steve Stone's ability to conjure imaginative worlds is unparalleled, and acquiring these books ensures a perpetual delight in the wonders he continues to unveil.

Amazing and high quality

Just received my copy and I’m blown away by the art and the quality of the book itself. I can’t wait to spend even more time with it! I’m so happy someone is making this kind of art and it is so accessible. My daughter open this book and said “Dad this is you if you could draw”, it just speaks to my soul.

Memento Mori indeed.

The Beauty and Darkness of Steve's Shadows!

I have received my signed edition of Steve's third fantastic new dark arts book 'The Necropolis'.
It is a visually stunning 'doorway' into Steve's 'dark realm'. It is his journey to explore and exorcise some of his inner demons, imposing no preconceptions or constraints upon himself, so what we get is his pure unrestricted creativity, from a darker place he has kept hidden, until now, from us and subconsciously from himself.
He has been the creative conduit, releasing Demons, Witches, Angels, powerful machines of flesh and metal; and a seriously 'bad ass' Gatekeeper that protects 'The Necropolis'.
Steve's 'shadow work' gives his fertile imagination a licence to give us realms that show not only strong characters; be they Demon, Warrior, or some exotic Goddess; but they also portray palpable mood and 'cut with a knife' atmosphere.
Steve's artwork, which for me is so unique, has now been sealed in these pages for all eternity, branded with a searing hot poker into time. Time is what I will need to fully explore and revisit these dark pages of this Necropolian underworld of Steve's, for many years to come.
Phenomenal work!!!

Terry, since the very early days of the Stonenexus project you have been a constant source of encouragement and support. I cannot thank you enough for this review . Your words mean a great deal to me. I think it would be only fair to say the next artbook in 2024 is on me, sir! And keep doing what you do in that crazy workshop of your own imaginarium!!


Well Steve, I have just got around to perusing your book, Phantasma Gothica. I love it! Brilliant artworks and fascinating life stories!

Phantasma Gothica a journey into Darkness that is a pleasure to undertake

Steve Stone has once again crafted an exquisite journey through a variety of prose and art, his words eloquently gives us insight into his inspiration and motivation to delve into the abyss, gaze into its depth and give life to these Godesses and Warriors that beautifully grace the pages found herein.

"Damaged people are dangerous..." a fitting quote used here that reminds us to continue in our journey through the Darkness for we are not alone. Take strength and wisdom from here.

I look forward to opening this book up in the future many times and finding something new in its pages. Timeless and ever inspiring.
Thank you Steve for crafting this great journey, always with my utmost Respect and Love.

P.S. looking forward to a third.


I bought A Genesis for the art and the colors and in return I received a profound human experience. Allow me to elaborate: The dark color palette drew me in immediately. I find dark/darkness a comforting embrace, a soft cool pillow on a hot night if you will, not sad or depressing; but rather peaceful and alluring, like the art in this book.

Now, onto the human experience. The following pieces spoke to me loud and clear:

Space Time and Tranquility: The creature seems to be looking into the void, the dark space in its surroundings, that tranquil and zen space that only darkness can offer.

The Edge of the Abyss: Now this piece was a difficult one for me for personal reasons. So much so, I had to put the book down and away. My oldest child (4yrs old at the time) once made a drawing similar to this. It pictured how life felt while her baby sister struggled in similar ways as Oliver. I did not keep the drawing. Seeing this piece made me wish I did.
It took me days to pick the book back up again. I am very glad I did, for when I looked at that piece again, I felt as if Claudia held my hand and said “we face the fire without fear”…goosebumps. It is so very strange and fascinating how this piece took hold of me. And for that, it is going into my treasure box.

The Iron Throne: When I saw this piece I said to myself, that is me, that is who I’ve become (more likely not by choice but I’m rather proud) I’d like to think my husband and kids see me as the Iron Throne and the woman who made this piece possible, Sian.

By the time I was done with this book, I was left yearning for more of Steve’s art. I strongly believe that anyone who buys this book will not only find it beautiful beyond words but also will find a piece ( or two or more) that will speak to them as it did to me

Hi Monica,
I cannot thank you enough for the words and depth of feeling that you shared in your review. I was deeply moved by what you wrote.
I am so sorry to read that the book caused painful memories to stir but I hope that became a journey that also offered some solace. Your words suggest that was also true. I hope so.
The detail of your comments, your mention of all the family and the courage to be well, just so human was an inspiration to me.
I suspect your review alone makes that book worth doing. I will carry your words with me. And I mean that.
Thank you, bless you, and I hope we have cause to speak again.
Love from all here!

Phantasma Gothic & Stonenexus

I’m not going to lie this is actually the first time I’ve ever come across Steve’s work and I’m so glad I did theses two books are absolutely amazing you truly are a master of art . Every single page of the books where absolutely beautiful I just didn’t want the books to end. I can now class myself as a big fan of your talent and artistic style and I’m praying you’ll publish more fantastic amazing books Steve.Mind blowing I loved them both and a big massive thank you for the signed copies.

Hi Mark,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your review!
I have to tell you a brief story about this. On the day you posted this I was having the day from hell.. Everything that could go wrong was doing just that. So I arrived to dinner with Sian really down in the dumps. So, at the table, she sends me your review and just said, “Read this…”
I read your words and they really lifted me. Thank you so much for your generosity and the encouragement..
I will continue to try and merit your support.
All the best to you,

Steve Stone

Phantasma Gothica

I’ve been a fan of Steve’s work for some time now. Following the work he did on numerous book covers. When I started seeing his personal work, I was amazed. Phantasma Gothica is a stunning trip through Steve’s imagination and has fired mine. It is an incredible achievement Highly recommended.

Descend into this Netherworld...

Descend into this Netherworld, a chaotic realm blurred by surrealism and damnation. As hellish forms unskin, their intent becomes vividly apparent. The visionary master works of Steve Stone .... they will definitely leave a mark!

A master of the genre

I have just received a copy of ‘Phantasma Gothica, Wow! what a fantastic collection from a master of the genre: Steve Stone.
How does he do it? The images are often mind-boggeling and surreal, he is the true master of the genre, without being horrific or vulgar, he captures his gothic world with panache and style in visions of sirens encased in a paraphernalia of gothic charm. Where does he get his reference from?
His work is seamless and incredibly rich in detail with an amazing quality to convince the viewer that these are not just icons but a collection of captured moments that we can only see in our own imagination. The images take you into a nightmare of powerful women surrounded by the artefacts of a wonderfully dark world that both thrills and terrifies in equal measure in which they are totally at home.
Well done Steve, a collection of which you should rightfully be proud.

An exciting dark world

Mr Nexus provides us with a dark world in which female beauty is deceiving, for it cannot be tamed nor does it tells of any kind of weakness or submission. The images are almost bleak and awe inspiring at once. I’ve bought this as inspiration for my own creations and couldn’t be more pleased.

Gothic Art arts its most inspiring.

As a fellow artist, I have always been intrigued by Steve's remarkable ability to curate a private portfolio of work that seamlessly combines style and content. Throughout the years, he has skillfully expanded his universe, infusing it with intricate details and a profound sense of wonder. In his latest limited edition volume, "Phantasma Gothic," Steve delves even deeper into the realm of Dark Art, revealing that it can be a place of both joy and fascination.

Within the 96 pages of this artbook, we witness a refreshing portrayal of women. No longer are they depicted as helpless damsels in distress, like so much fantasy art, but rather as resilient and self-aware warriors shaping their own destinies. Steve's art challenges the conventions of fantasy art, celebrating the strength and resilience of the female characters.

Like its predecessors, this artbook will occupy a special place on my bookshelf, alongside a select few others that will never gather dust. These cherished volumes serve as a perpetual source of inspiration, akin to the experience of beholding a classical painting in a gallery. Above all, they are treasures, exemplifying the very essence of exceptional artistry.

Thank you Steve for yet another beautiful edition to my collection.

All the best to you and yours.

Limited First Edition of 'Phantasma Gothica' - Beautifully dark and though provoking!

I have been looking forward to getting my copy of 'Phantasma Gothica', ever since Steve announced its conception and his ideas behind the artwork. His book embraces the darkness that lies within us all, and is shown within these strong female characters of Witches, Warriors, Sirens, Harlots, Angels, Vampires etc; and shows there is both beauty and terror in this realm.
The artwork of course is stunning, the women project their own independence, sexuality and power, and the environment Steve has put them in, draws you into their narrative.
Steve's personal story written throughout 'Phantasma Gothica', which is both amusing and thought provoking, enhances the journey and shows his ongoing attempt to fully understand the dark souls in our world and the world of his creations.
If you want pure darkness, this book is like sitting on the edge of an 'event horizon', dangling your feet into a black hole, then just jumping in!
Paraphrasing Steve :- There is wisdom in darkness, and if we surrender to it, clarity can ensue.
A superb book, incredible art and story telling for the lovers of dark and fantasy art; my only concern is...I am not sure for how long the Darkness can be contained within the confines of these covers.
Great work Steve, and family.