About Us


Steve Stone - Artist & Co-Director

I began my career as a digital artist in the spring of 1996. Since those early days, I have worked on thousands of book covers all over the world for authors as diverse as Stephen King, Terry Brooks, Raymond Feist, Wilbur Smith and many, many more. I have also worked regularly in advertising and the computer game industry, with notable campaigns including God Of War (Sony), Iron Maiden, Hewlett Packard and General Electric.

Since early 2019, I have devoted more and more time to my own personal work, much of which you see on this site today.



Sian Stone - Production Manager & Co-Director 

Steve and I have worked together for many years now, and we make a pretty good team!  Steve creates the art, I manage the production and sales process, and together, we run the business.  We really appreciate our customers and your support, and I oversee all of the sales personally - making sure your books or prints reach you safely. We've spent a long time honing the art and the shop, and I'm incredibly proud of it. 



 Claudia Stone - Sales & Social Media Designer

I am the newest member of the team, and feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work in the StoneNexus studio.  I am learning a huge amount about business and the creative process, and am producing a lot of the sales and social media content you may have seen on Insta and Facebook.